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(breast)feeding doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Whitney Dula, CBS; Maryland Lactation Counselor


Hi! I'm Whitney Dula, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Postpartum Doula (BAI), Babywearing Educator, and Child Passenger Safety Tech

Yes, Dula is my real name. Being a lactation professional and postpartum specialist is my real passion. I fell in love with all things birth, postpartum, and lactation after having my first child in 2017, and I haven't looked back...

Lactation and Postpartum Support to fit your needs

The Mama's Dula aims to meet you at any part of your parenting journey. Whether that's planning your infant feeding choices during pregnancy, to troubleshooting breast/chestfeeding hurdles, picking the right baby carrier, or easing your transition into parenthood, Whitney has you covered.

Virtual and In- Home Lactation Support

Postpartum Support and Education

Babywearing Education

Father with Newborn Baby
Mothers and their Baby

What the Village says....

My experience with Whitney has been wonderful when it comes to ALL things baby. I have not found another person that is more knowledgeable when it comes to any questions I may have regarding a newborn and the birth process. Even if she may not know the answer right away, she will find it for you...

Jadae L.

 ...Then came Whitney, she gave me the pads for my breast to soothe them guided me on how to relieve the pain of engorgement and helped me figure out the best positions to feed him in. I was back in business or so I thought. When he was 6 months old I got a clogged duct that turned into mastitis and I didn’t even know. Whitney again guided me through this ordeal as I had stopped feeding in one breast and Whitney got me back on track...

Juvonne E.

I came to Whitney for help with my pump. She helped me work through getting the right setting and making sure the funnels fit right. So far smooth sailing! I'm able to make enough for my baby and I really appreciate all the help she has given us!

Danielle B.

Serving all of Prince Georges County, MD including he communities of Upper Marlboro, Largo-

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