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My experience with Whitney has been wonderful when it comes to ALL things baby. I have not found another person that is more knowledgeable when it comes to any questions I may have regarding a newborn and the birth process. Even if she may not know the answer right away, she will find it for you. A specific experience I had was my awesome crash course on baby wearing! Whitney introduced me to 2-3 different wraps I could utilize as well as several ways to wear each of them. By the time my crash course was over with doll babies, I was wrapping real babies to go lol. I left feeling confident and like a pro with baby wearing!! 

Jadae L. 



Where do I start? I had my first child a son 10 years before my second and my breastfeeding journey with him was simple- easy breezy. He latched on and I never had any issues with pumping or anything. Now fast forward ten years to the birth of my second son and everything was a struggle. I was engorged for two weeks! It was hard for him to latch on and I WAS READY TO GIVE UP. 


Then came Whitney she gave me the pads for my breast to soothe them guided me on how to relieve the pain of engorgement and helped me figure out the best positions to feed him in. I was back in business or so I thought. When he was 6 months old I got a clogged duct that turned into mastitis and I didn’t even know. Whitney again guided me through this ordeal as I had stopped feeding in one breast and Whitney got me back on track. 


It was so many times I was ready to give up on my breast feeding journey and I would call Whitney or text her and she would be there for me. I made it to 21 months breastfeeding and I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT with out her! She is the best PERIOD. 

Juvonne E.

I came to Whitney for help with my pump. She helped me work through getting the right setting and making sure the funnels fit right. So far smooth sailing! I'm able to make enough for my baby and I really appreciate all the help she has given us!

Danielle B.

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