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We've all heard it- maybe believed it ourselves- breastfeeding is natural! But a lot of things we do as humans don't start off easy- no matter how natural. Let me guide you  off to a great start, or get you back on track. Care may include:

  • Prenatal and Family education

  • Back to Work prep

  • Pumping support

  • Latch and positioning

  • Infant feeding and Introducing solids

  • Toddler nursing 

  • Weaning and more!*

Happy Family


Congrats on your new little one! The postpartum period can bring a lot of new feelings for the entire household, as there was more than one person born that day. My ultimate goal is exactly what my name implies- I'm here to support and care for you. Maybe you don't have the village you desire, or their availability is limited. All the books, blogs, and articles are still leaving you feel unprepared. Lets actually plan for the postpartum so you can enter your new life confidently. Care may include:

  • Newborn Care support

  • Light house work and meal planning

  • In- home sibling support

  • Errand running

  • Postpartum parent education

  • Emotional and social support

  • Referrals and resources to community and mental health services

Starting in SPRING 2022!


Babywearing has been practiced by hundreds of cultures for thousands of years. Deepen the bond with your baby (and maybe occasionally get your hands back!) by learning the basics. Consults may cover:

  • Choosing a carrier for your family's needs

  • How to use various carriers

  • Safety Considerations

  • Wrap 101 

  • Carrier try- ons

Man using a soft structured carrier to wear his baby outdoors
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