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Support Resources During the COVID-19/ Coronavirus Pandemic

*Authors Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list, and many have overlapping links. Resources as far as therapy and lactation support will vary widely by region. These are sources I have personally vetted or were recommended by colleagues in the specific fields. Check with your local health departments, government entities, and coalitions for region specific- for DC/MD/ VA feel free to contact me to get help locating services.*


Up to Date Info and General Prevention:


Breastfeeding Support

For families:

Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition (most states and some larger metro areas have coalitions. A quick google search can locate them for you, and many have databases of active IBCLC'S to help serve you.)

Milky Mama, LLC- free 30 min virtual consults (limited time offer)

For Professionals and providers:

USLCA- resource page and IBCLC directory

ILCA- resource page and IBCLC directory


Mental Health Support

For Families:

Therapy For Black Girls- podcast, blog, therapist directory, Instagram with informational posts and graphics

For Professionals:

Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center- free micro sessions for healthcare workers on frontline care- must call center to schedule.

Talkspace- free counseling services for healthcare workers

Of course you can always contact your insurance and tap into local circles to find available lactation consultants and therapists. Many are moving their counseling and support group services online and are able to serve you even in this time of isolation. Protect your peace and your health.

Love and Light.

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